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This unique concept in boarding kennels for dogs and cats was designed and established by  Christine Clark and Cary Hogwood. 

With over 20 years' experience in the puppy & dog training and grooming world, Christine decided that there was a need for a special Hotel for all our loved and pampered pets.

The Airport Pet Hotel is just 5 minutes from Auckland International Airport.

The Airport Pet Hotel  provides a home-away-from-home for companion animals in a comfortable, indoor environment with access to an outside garden area, and constant human companionship.

No concrete floors here but a special soft cushioned flooring providing warmth on cold winter mornings.   Pets can take their own bed or have one provided.   And for those on medication or a special diet - no problems.  It is all provided as required.     

Inspection is welcomed between 10am - 4pm.   No appointment is necessary.

  • New, first time guests should come for a short orientation visit to help them settle.
  • Human company and supervision all day.
  • Professional grooming is not an optional extra - it is included in the reasonable tariff.
  • Earn "Frequent Stayer" points with every night's accommodation.
  • Generous drop-off and pick-up hours.  Strictly 7.30am till 6pm daily except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Check it out today!  Let your pet check it out!    From young puppies to frail, ageing dogs - there is a place for them all at the Airport Pet Hotel. 

Veterinarians recommend the Airport Pet Hotel.  You can be assured that any medications required are given and special diets adhered to.

Your feline friends have their own special accommodation as well where they get heaps of cuddles and their own cushions and heater. 

Don't forget though - because theAirport Pet Hotel are good, they are also very busy - do try to plan ahead for the holidays.

Check OUR SERVICES for helpful hints about preparing your pet for boarding.



Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any animal, under any circumstances.

The conditions upon which animals are boarded, handled or groomed by the Airport Pet Hotel Limited are:

  • that whilst every care and attention and professional expertise is devoted to all and any animals in our charge, we do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or illness which may occur thereto, from whatever cause;
  • that should we decide, at our sole discretion, that Veterinary advice or treatment is necessary, we are hereby authorised to obtain such advice or treatment and the animal’s owners will reimburse us for the properly incurred charges from such measures, supported by the treating Veterinarian’s invoices;
  • that the owner of the animal[s] will indemnify and keep indemnified the Airport Pet Hotel Limited against all and any claims resulting from damage caused to property or persons by said animal[s] for which the Company may be held responsible; 
  •  that all boarding and grooming charges are payable before collection of said animal[s], and no animal[s] will be delivered to its owner unless all charges incurred are defrayed. Any cost incurred in the Collection of an overdue account will be recoverable in full from the owner, plus interest at the rate of 24% p/a.
  • Full Vaccination Required: Dogs : within 11 months of arrival however the Kennel Cough and Bordetella; component of these vaccinations must be no older than 8 months.   However, there are now two and three year vaccinations available.  Each will be taken on its expiry date.
  •  Cats : within 6 months of arrival including snuffles and entiritis.
  • A charge will be made for the day the animal arrives- regardless of the time of arrival.

  • Full grooming is included in the cost of the stay provided the animal has been in residence for two nights of longer. However, an additional charge for "disasters" will be at the option of management.
  • No charge will be made for day of pickup if picked up before 1pm


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